Show and Sell with Sales Flyers!

Performance Corner® sales flyers are filled with the hottest accessories on the market at the best prices. They’re a terrific way to show customers more product than you can keep on hand, telling them what you have access to and giving them extra customization ideas. These full-color sales aids get shoppers excited about new releases and ready to buy. Looking to inspire add-on sales and impulse purchases? Sales flyers can help!

Pro Tip: Greet your customers with a sales flyer as they walk in instead of handing them out as they leave, and you could see a 10% bump in sales!

Sales flyers are available by subscription only to Performance Corner® partners. You get:

  • Fifty 16-page flyers five times per year.
  • One Featured Products poster that draws attention to the best deals in the flyer (these work great in store windows).
  • One Featured Brand poster, which shows a dynamic lifestyle shot and has staying power in your showroom.

To sign up to receive Performance Corner® sales flyers, talk to your Competition Specialties sales rep today!

PC Sales Flyer 2019

Though this is not a paid review, this content has been produced by The AAM Group™ in support of manufacturers with whom it has a business relationship.

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