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Are you looking for the winning edge in your local market? Join the Performance Corner® program and become part of one of the largest networks for truck aftermarket retailers in the world!

If you're like many independent business owners, doing your own marketing is a challenge. That's where Performance Corner® comes in. Our program elements were developed specifically to help you do the marketing you need to succeed in today's market. You'll reach more customers, better engage with those who come through your door, and establish yourself as THE local aftermarket authority. Joining is as easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Select Features: You'll automatically gain access to all of the selected features below. You'll also be able to select additional options to take your business to the next level.
  2. Complete Form: Tell us who you are, where you are, and how we can reach you.
  3. Confirm Options: Review your choices and submit the form. One of our Program Sales Managers will be in touch shortly to discuss your enrollment.

Fill out the form below or call your program sales team at (888) 251-4252 and let them help build the perfect package for you.

Program features available to you for $75 every other month.

Redline™ Email


Redline™ delivers weekly news, videos, products, and rebates!

Trailhead™ Newsletter


Fastlane™ offers business tactics, marketing tips, and program news!

AAM University™

AAM University™

Educational video series cover product features, installation, and unique selling points!

Email Marketing

Power Mail™

Email marketing program gives you access to professionally prepared articles, an image library, easy-to-use templates, detailed data reports, and address management.

Pop Catalog

POP Catalog

Browse in-store displays you can use to enhance your sales environment!

AAM Insight™

AAM Insight™

Web portal provides one-login access to every Performance Corner® tool available to you!

AAM Sign Shop™

AAM Sign Shop™

Discounted signage turns potential shoppers into paying customers!

Sales Flyers

Sales Flyers

Full-color, 16-page flyers encourage add-on sales and generate impulse buys. You'll get 50 copies 5 times per year to correspond with peak selling seasons. Custom imprints available.

Vehicle-Specific Brochures


Performance Corner® retailers receive 50 each of the Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and Toyota vehicle specific brochures (VSB's) once a year. Filled with the latest and most popular accessories, these brochures will allow Performance Corner® stores to target and fine tune the selection of accessories to their customers. Additional brochures are available for .21 cents each. Limited to stock on hand.

Retail Catalog

Retail Catalog

This heavyweight features full color pages jammed full of perfor­mance parts, sports compact parts, offroad, towing products and truck accessories from the biggest name brands.

  • 50 copies
  • Custom covers available
  • One year life
  • Over 30,000 application listings
In Store Signage

In Store Signage

Great looking illuminated window sign to build your Performance Corner® identity in the Store.

Window Posters

Window Posters

One large, full color window poster five times a year highlights featured product. Perfect for new product launches, category marketing, and seasonal offers to increase your brand awareness. These posters are not limited to a specific time frame and can stay up in your store for increased awareness of your brand and product offerings.

  • Highly visible from a distance
  • Advertises featured items from retailer mailer
Electronic Cataloging

Electronic Cataloging

Online electronic catalog for in-store use as a part of your Performance Corner® Program! A high speed internet connection and member password gains you access to an interactive parts lookup of over 75 million applications in over 120 leading brand names that even the most inexperienced counterman can navigate. It also checks stock at your local Performance Corner® warehouse instantly!

  • Easy, interactive parts lookup
  • Instant stock check on the screen and price quote print option!
  • Over 75 million applications and growing!
Specialty Parts Order Center

Specialty Parts Order Center

Every Performance Corner® retailer receives a specialty parts order center. The ultimate point of purchase display, increasing both add-on and special order sales

  • Base column displays the annual catalog in a highly visible location making it easy for consumers to pick one up
  • Top holder places the sale flyer directly in front of the consumer while the flat top holds a catalog for the consumer to browse through while waiting on parts or service

Select the additional program features you want.

Digital Marketplace™

Digital Marketplace™

Your very own website within 15 days of payment. Our sites are mobile friendly and optimized to make you your area's go-to accessories destination; plus, they include five annual product feeds and one-on-one support. Cost: $500 setup fee and $29.95/month.

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